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Many books are available that focus on the impact that Parkinson’s disease has on the inflicted individual, their care partner, children and immediate family. There are resources that provide everything from information about symptoms to identifying treatments that may help keep them under control. Also, gain insight into how to speak to children about the disease and what to expect as it progresses.

Below is a selection of book titles that help to demonstrate the breadth of information that is available.

by Peter LeWitt, MD

Whether it’s you or a family member, receiving a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease can generate emotions of anger, frustration, sadness, and confusion—but you’re not in this fight alone. Parkinson’s Disease for the Newly Diagnosed is one of the most helpful Parkinson’s disease books, giving you the tools to conquer those feelings of being overwhelmed and helping you to be better prepared for life post-diagnosis.

by Michael Okun MD, et. al.

Worldwide, there are more than 10 million people living with Parkinson’s disease (PD). Internationally renowned as both a neurologist and a leading researcher, Dr. Okun has been referred to as “the voice” of these patients. His positive and optimistic approach has helped countless people manage their symptoms and achieve happiness despite them. This approach, detailed in his new book, Living with Parkinson’s Disease, is a critical resource for Parkinson’s disease patients and their families.

by Jo Horne & Michele Tagliati

Whether the diagnosis is yours or that of a loved one, Parkinson’s Disease for Dummies contains everything you need to know about living with this disease.

With updates on the latest in alternative treatments, dementia, and young onset PD, Parkinson’s Disease for Dummies is here to show you how you can keep a positive attitude and lead an active, productive life. 

by Ray Dorsey MD, Todd Sherer PhD, Michael S. Okun MD, 

Bastiaan R. Bloem MD PhD

Brain diseases are now the world’s leading source of disability. The fastest growing of these is Parkinson’s: the number of impacted patients has doubled to more than six million over the last twenty-five years and is projected to double again by 2040. In Ending Parkinson’s Disease, four top experts provide a plan to help prevent Parkinson’s, improve care and treatment, and end the silence associated with this devastating disease.

by Morgan Graham Shaffer

Living With Parkinson’s Disease: A Guide for Kids and Teens is a book designed to help kids and teens understand what Parkinson’s disease is in an easy-to-understand and engaging way. The book explains everything there is to know about Parkinson’s, including causes, symptoms, and activities that kids can do to help their loved one with Parkinson’s.

by Dr. Soania Mathur

Parkinson’s doesn’t just affect those with the diagnosis, it impacts whole family units, including our children. When a child learns that a loved one has Parkinson’s disease, it can be a frightening time for them because they don’t understand what a diagnosis such as this actually means. This book hopes to address the questions that may naturally arise. Reading the information contained and encouraging open dialogue, will help children cope with a loved one’s journey with Parkinson’s. 

If you know of any helpful books or resources that should be added to the list, please send us your suggestions.