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Down The Line

Messages From

The Parkinson’s Community

If you could call and leave a message for yourself the day you were diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease, what would you say?

Parkinson’s is a game changing diagnosis in anyone’s life. It’s an overwhelming experience that changes your view and perspective of the world. For many it’s a time of reflection, appreciation of friends and family, and an understanding of what it means to be human. 

“Down The Line” was created as a platform for Parkinson’s warriors to share the individual wisdom and knowledge they’ve gained along the path of battling this disease. It’s also a place for the newly diagnosed to find hope and encouragement during the early days of treatment while adjusting to their new path of fighting against Parky.

Messages From People With Parkinson's

“What I’ve learned is you have to keep fighting.” – Jean

“We can live with hope, gratitude, and love.” – Mike

“Try to make the most of every day you have.” – Anonymous 

“Stay positive and be true to yourself.” – Bill

“You need to be patient with yourself.” – Roger

“We need to be there for each other.” – Trip

“All I can tell someone is take one day at a time.” – Joe

“I’m going through the beginning phase of it myself.” – Anonymous

“Together we can find a cure down the line.” – Tim

” Don’t give up, whatever you do. “ – Bob

“Count your blessings, not your sorrows.” – Brian

“You are not alone on this journey.” – Eileen

“I’d like to encourage myself to keep going.” – Joy

“I have learned to deal with changes.” – Dave

“I’m still here, and I’m still enjoying life.” – Ron

“My advice to you is to just keep moving.” – Ed

“Exercise, be active, be involved.”    – Gary

“Keep on trucking.”                            – Pete

  “I will be positive as best I can.”     – Paul

                 “Never, ever, quit.”                 – Gary

“There’s always more good than bad.” – Anonymous

“The most encouraging thing is to               share it with others.”            – Anonymous

“Stay positive and be true to             yourself.” – Bill                                  

Messages From Loved Ones & Caregivers

Together we can walk the line one step at a time. – Debra

“I’m not just a devoted wife any longer. I’m a caregiver.” – Brenda

“I can, I will, I must.” – Leah 

“It’s an adjustment period for both of us. – Loniece

“You’re still the same son, father, and hero we look up to.” – Rhonda

“But he has always been a warrior.” – Josh 

“This disease does not define you.” – Jamen

Messages From Support Groups

“We get to associate with people in our same condition. – Warren

“No one in my family has ever had it before.”  – Catherine

“Keep working hard at it.” – Tom