About Wyndgate Country Club

”The Wyndgate” is committed to provide world-class service to members, their families, and guests to ensure an atmosphere of ease, fellowship and sportsmanship for a legendary experience.”

In early 1992, with a plan to create a sophisticated country club that would earn a reputation for world-class service and would become known for a warm and welcoming ambiance of friendship, the Winget family purchased a picturesque rural property on Gunn Road in Rochester Hills.

The Wyndgate was created with an abiding respect for nature and a commitment to preserve its treasures. Miles of brick cartpaths, noble stone bridges, tees, greens and ornamental landscaping work in total harmony with the terrain’s innate beauty.

The Wyndgate is a private club, offering outstanding facilities and unmatched services to members, their families, and guests. Food and beverage services are beyond compare. Currently, there are two golf courses at the Wyndgate Country Club; the WestWynd and the Wyndgate. There is a choice of five tees for each of the 18 holes that assures an entertaining outing for every round played, and provides the most challenging set of tees in Michigan.

For more information about the Golf Course please contact:
Kevin Muir, Director of Golf at (248) 608-7805
1975 W. Gunn Rd., Oakland Twp., Michigan 48306